A wildflower meadow walk – dandelion clocks

This is part two of my wildflower meadow walk. Yesterday I posted my buttercup and daisy pictures, today it is dandelion clocks. It is said that you can tell the time by blowing on the clocks. The number of puffs it takes to remove all of the seed pods is the time of day.  It is unlikely to be accurate but it keeps children amused trying.

Dandelion clocks.
Dandelion clock
Dandelion snow - there were drifts of dandelion seeds in the headgerows and from a distance it looked just like snow.

dandelion clock (plural dandelion clocks)

A single stem of a dandelion in its post-flowering state with the downy covering of its head intact. The term is applied when the flower is used, or is thought of as suitable for use, in a children’s pastime by which the number of puffs needed to blow the filamentous achenes from a dandelion is supposed to tell the time.