Patio Produce book review

How to Cultivate a Lot of Home-grown Vegetables from the Smallest Possible Space. A recent survey suggested that five million people wanted to ‘live the good life’ and keep chickens, grow some of their own food and somehow achieve a level of self sufficiency, writes the books author Paul Peacock. He sets about showing the … Read more

Vegetable Growing Month-by-Month book review

The down-to-earth guide that takes you through the vegetable year. In the introduction to this book author John Harrison says “When I set up my allotment website I became aware of how many people were growing their own vegetables for the first time. These new vegetable growers were looking for a simple, straightforward guide, written … Read more

My runner beans are cropping well

We are getting some good meals from the runner bean plants. In fact the plants got so top-heavy that the frame began to look like the leaning tower of Pizza. I fixed it by knocking in some extra wooden stakes and tying the bean poles to them. I also tied some string from the fence … Read more

I planted the runner beans today

This will be the fourth year we have grown runner beans in our garden. It is great to eat vegetables you have grown yourself and runner beans are a great choice for the idle gardener. Once they are established they produce a crop of beans over a long period of time. Last year we were … Read more