Yucca recovering after frost damage

My five foot yucca has survived winters unscathed for many years. However, the winter of 2010/2011 took its toll and left the plant with a mass of brown dead leaves. I started by trimming back the leaves but it then looked a sad mess. I decided the best approach was to saw it back to some low buds. As the picture shows, it is now sprouting well and hopefully will make a well shaped plant as the summer progresses.

2 thoughts on “Yucca recovering after frost damage”

  1. Member of Formalines!
    Thanks David for your info re the Yucca Tree. I also am a laid back gardener. I take loads of piccys of my neighbours flowers, we provide the large stretch of green grass in between their 2 gardens.
    I wondered what happened to the tree. The leaves are withered and brown,as you say, and there are half a dozen re growths low down on the tree. I will now chop off the top half of the tree as you did!

    PS Love your photos.!.

    • Thank you for your kind comments Mary. The Yucca Tree has continued to fill out over the summer. I now have my fingers crossed that the frost does not affect it this winter.
      Best wishes,

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