Grapevine progress

In mid-June I put up a trellis in front of the greenhouse. This was to provide a place for my grapevine to grow and to form an attractive feature. This is a report on the vines progress over the summer.

The brand new trellis on 21 June 2010.

The grapevine has been growing against the garage wall behind the greenhouse for about 20 years. The fruit has never really come to much until this year. One year I trained it into the greenhouse in an attempt to get better fruit but it wasn’t much of an improvement. However, this year it went all the way and provided small but perfectly edible grapes. Maybe it is because of my new trellis or maybe it is thanks to global warming providing a warm but wet summer.

Tiny grapes.
The grapevine on 19 August 2010.
A bunch of grapes on 19 August 2010.
The grapes are almost ripe on 6 September 2010.