Our small English garden in early May

We are growing flowers and vegetables from seed, the tiny plants are lined up in trays. The miniature alpine garden is looking colourful. There are lots of bluebells and the azaleas are starting to bloom. Filmed on 5 May 2020 with a Sony RX100 V camera.

Our small back garden in August


I have just taken delivery of a new accessory for my video camera, an Andoer L4 Autodolly. Hopefully it will improve the video record I keep of our garden’s progress. The garden is small but I like to think it is perfectly formed. We have two tubs of begonias that are looking good. The rose … Read more

Grape vine in autumn

Autumn leaves and sunshine provide a wonderful photo opportunity. Our grape vine has turned magnificent shades of red and gold. When I looked out of the back room window and saw the vine glinting in the sunshine I know that I must take some pictures.

The vine grows on a trellis around the entrance to my greenhouse. It has numerous bunches of grapes this year but most of the grapes are tiny. The ripe ones are lovely to eat but they each contain a pip so are hard work. I am going to leave most of them for the birds.

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Gorgeous geraniums

We were browsing around our local garden centre when I spotted some attractive clay pots at a bargain price. There were five left and they quickly found their way into my trolley.

I had an idea they would look good on the wall surrounding our garden pond. But the question was what to put in them? The answer came when we passed a display of summer bedding plants – geraniums. That was back in the spring. Now the geraniums are putting on a beautiful display for us.

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Glorious Gazanias

When we were in the garden centre choosing some plants for our tubs the brightly coloured gazania plants caught our eye. They have settled in well and continue to produce new flowers. The daisy-type flowers open when the sun comes out and close up in the evening or on a dull day. The label that … Read more

Camellias blooming well

In spite of the hard winter our camellia shrubs have held on to their flower buds and are putting on a magnificent display. I guess it is a matter of timing as in much milder winters gone by a late frost has caused many of the buds to drop off. I have two camellia bushes … Read more